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A med student does whatever it takes to get his stolen bicycle back, even chasing a bike thief on an electric scooter.

GIVE ME BACK MY BICYCLE! is a micro-budget action-comedy from Plotinus Pictures. It is a feature length film currently in post-production.

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Making a Micro-Budget Action Movie

GIVE ME BACK MY BICYCLE! originates from the mind of writer and director Daniel Schlomer. After a short career as a software developer, Daniel decided to jump ship from technology and move into the arts. Starting a career in filmmaking is always difficult, but after reading writer and director Robert Rodriguez’s book Rebel Without a Crew, Daniel was inspired.

In his book, Rodriguez reveals the story behind his first film, a $7,000 action film called El Mariachi. The film launched his career and inspired sequels in his beloved ‘Mexico Trilogy’.

Daniel thought that sounded like a good idea, so he set out to make his own no-budget action movie. He wrote a script, created a production company, and in August of 2022, quit his job to start production on GIVE ME BACK MY BICYCLE!

The film is self-financed by Daniel Schlomer, using money he saved from his previous career. The equipment he used to make the film, including lights, cameras and lenses, is a mixture of his own equipment and equipment from Austin Public , Austin’s public access TV station. Austin Public is managed by the Austin Film Society

Lemon Corporation Logo

With a limited budget, traditional action tropes had to be reimagined. Car chases were replaced by electric scooter chases, and a fictional “Lemon Corporation” was added to the script to supply scooters to the city of GIVE ME BACK MY BICYCLE! Daniel then recruited BMX riders from Austin’s amazing local BMX scene as stuntmen.

Through casting calls, personal networks, and talent scouting, Daniel assembled an incredible group of local actors willing to work within his budget. The film’s cast, listed below, represent a new generation of actors who are serious about their craft and excel at what they do.

The Cast

Jackson Pounds
Jackson Pounds

Jackson Pounds is an actor and writer based in central Texas. He holds a BFA in Acting from Texas State University. When he’s not acting, Jackson spends his time writing. His short play was chosen for the Samuel French Short Play Festival in New York City in 2022.

GIVE ME BACK MY BICYCLE! is his first feature film role.

Ja’Michael De’Shawn
Ja'Michael De'Shawn

Ja’Michael De’Shawn is an actor and writer based in New York City. Originally from Hearne, Texas, Ja’Michael earned a BA in Theatre and Dance from The University of Texas at Austin. As a Fulbright grant recipient, he also studied physical theatre in Turin, Italy.

His film credits include You Die (2018) and his theater credits include Casta, The Afterparty, and We Both Suck Our Teeth.

Montserrat Santibañez
Montserrat Santibañez

Montserrat Santibañez is an actress currently studying at the University of Texas at Austin. Originally from Mexico, Montserrat moved to the US for college. She will graduate with four majors, including International Relations, Theatre, Portuguese, and Human Rights & Social Justice. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

GIVE ME BACK MY BICYCLE! is her first feature film role.

Steve Brudniak
Steve Brudniak

Steve Brudniak is an actor, artist and filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. His work as an artist consists primarily of sculptures created from unconventional objects, often incorporating scientific phenomenon like electricity and lasers. His work spanning nearly 40 years can be seen in museums across Texas.

As an actor, Steve is a veteran of the Austin filmmaking scene. His film credits include Richard Linklater’s Waking Life and Robert Rodriguez’s Red 11 and Hypnotic.

Michael Galvan
Michael Galvan

Michael Galvan is an actor based in Austin, Texas. For the past six years, Michael has been heavily involved in Austin’s local acting scene. He has worked on local TV commercials and in theatrical productions at Austin’s Zach Theatre and Ground Floor Theatre. His theater credits include Una Noche Buena, Sanctuary City, and Anna in the Tropics.

GIVE ME BACK MY BICYCLE! is his first feature film role.

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